Here in Massachusetts, cranberries are a special part of many holiday recipes. Considering there are countless cranberry bogs on the south shore that are harvested annually, there is nothing more fresh than cranberries from the local farmers market. This time of year I use cranberries in so many ways… our brandy cranberry sauce, mulled wine, simmer pots, my cranberry and orange shortbread cookies and now this cranberry ginger spritz!

Often times in the winter the heavy cocktails like eggnog martinis and warm beverages like hot chocolate are most common and I often miss the light, refreshing spritzers that are enjoyed in the summer (a classic Aperol Spritz is my absolute favorite). This recipe brings back all the refreshing crisp qualities of a summer cocktail while mixing in seasonal flavors like ginger, cranberry and rosemary. It is festive to throw together for the holidays and also the perfect addition to a winter brunch!

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Happy Hour with Rosemary

Happy Hour with Rosemary: Cranberry & Ginger Spritz