Winter is here and New England has already had it’s first snow storm! Mulled wine is one of the traditional wine beverages that many countries enjoy during the winter and holiday months. It’s warm and tastes like a mix of spice and fruit. It’s called Glögg, Glühwein, Vin Chaud, Vin Brûlé and many many other names all over the word. Everyone has their own methods and preferred ingredients but I love to add fresh cranberries and apple cider to mine. Some people add orange juice, cane sugar, apple, citrus etc. Not only does this recipe taste great, it makes your kitchen smell so nice!

This is the perfect recipe for the holiday season and to share with friends and family! It is a wine recipe that warms your soul and your kitchen!

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Happy Hour with Rosemary

Happy Hour with Rosemary: Cranberry Mulled Wine