Fall is upon us!! Pumpkin spice, apple picking, harvest season, football, sweater weather….. the list goes on! I whipped up this fall sangria so quick and after letting it sit for a few hours, let me tell you, it was so good!! Sangria is often overlooked as a summer pleasure but it can really be curated into a treat for every season. This fall sangria is refreshing but also filled with warm flavors of fall fruit and spice! It is perfect and delicious to sip on outside under a warm blanket or to enjoy while watching Sunday football.

As a reminder I love to add a Q&A to these Happy Hour recipes. If you want to chat or ask me something, comment on this post or my Instagram!

1. What is your next wine purchase? Anything you haven’t tried yet?

There are countless wines I haven’t tried yet! The world of wine is endless which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I am constantly learning about new wine regions, varietals and styles. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever taste enough wines to cover the breadth of the wine industry. One wine I just purchased and am so exited to open is a Barossa Valley Shiraz. My trip to Australia was spent road tripping up the east coast and enjoying all the beaches and seaside towns so I did not get to any vineyards to really understand the Australian wine experience. Hopefully this Barossa Valley Shiraz will transport me back to the land down under and give me that full-bodied, ripe black fruit filled wine I am looking for!

2. Have you taken the WSET 3 exam yet?

No! Unfortunately not… after months and months of studying, my exam date has been pushed a few times due to Covid-19. I am currently prepping for the next exam that will take place in December and crossing my fingers that things don’t change and cases don’t spike. Wish me luck!

3. This is unrelated to wine but you show so much of your dog on Instagram, did you rescue him?

My favorite topic!! Yes, Andy and I adopted Grover last March from a great adoption nonprofit called SouthernPaws. We found them on Facebook when Grover was coming up from Mississippi after being rescued from a kill shelter. We packed up the car and took the drive down to New Jersey and let me tell you, we were blessed with an amazing dog. He is my best friend in the whole word and has brought so much joy to our lives. He keeps us active and laughing everyday and I honestly am so happy we were chosen to be his people! We found out he is a mix of lab, coonhound and a few more breeds. Perfection in a pup!!


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Happy Hour with Rosemary

Happy Hour with Rosemary: Fall Harvest Sangria